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Now's the time to move up to an efficient, money-saving cooling system! Polar Bear carries a full range of home cooling and air purity products to lower your costs and increase your comfort.


ICOMFORT WIFI® Touchscreen Thermostat


PureAir TM Air Purification System

Sun Source® Solar Home Energy Systems

XC 25 Two-Stage Air Conditioner

XC 25

Two-Stage Air Conditioner

Unmatched Precision and Efficiency for Ultimate Comfort

The XC 25 is our premier HVAC unit. Featuring Precise Comfort™ technology, the XC 25 can adjust its output by as little as 1% to provide superior comfort with the minimum energy expenditure. With a SEER rating of up to 26, the XC 25 is one of the most energy-efficient units on the marketplace.

For unparalleled comfort and efficiency, there is no better choice than the XC 25.

Sun Source Solar Home Energy

Sun Source®

Solar Home Energy Systems

Use the Cayman Sun to Save Money

Both the XC 25 and XC 21 are solar-ready! Ask your Polar Bear technician about a solar powered solution to cut your costs and take full advantage of the glorious Cayman weather!

A Sun Source® solar energy system can provide power not only to your Air Conditioner, but to the rest of your home as well during Cayman's 300+ sunny days each year.



Touchscreen Thermostat

Control your home's comfort from anywhere on Earth

Set your home's temperature from your laptop or mobile device! The iComfort WiFi® thermostat combines global remote access and control with weather alerts, forecasts, and customizable skins and screens to compliment any decor.

Set your home's comfort level from wherever you are, and enhance your home's beauty with the iComfort WiFi® thermostat from Lennox and Polar Bear.

iComfort Wifi touchscreen thermostat
iHarmony Zoning System



Room by Room Comfort levels throughout your home

The iHarmony® zoning system works with your iComfort Wifi® to allow you to set different comfort levels in up to four different areas in your home. Now you have the flexibility to adjust separate rooms for different family members or needs, all from your laptop or mobile device.

Save money and make your family happy with personalized cooling levels through your iHarmony® zoning system.

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PureAir TM

Air Purification System

The air in your home may be worse than the air outside

The Lennox PureAir® system works with your existing home air conditioner to improve your indoor air quality. Using UVA-light technology and MERV-16 Precision Pleat™ filters(2), the PureAir™ system attacks and reduces all three kinds of indoor air pollution: particles like dust and pollen, airborne infectious agents such as spores, bacteria and viruses, and odors and chemical vapors.

Breathe healthier air in your home with a PureAir™ home air purification system from Polar Bear!

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Efficiency Videos

Ultimate Comfort System

Click the image above to play the video which highlights the Lennox Ultimate Comfort System.

Applied Efficiency

Polar Bear has been busy upgrading the island to high efficiency. Click the image to see our crew in action.

iComfort Wifi Thermostat

The iComfort is the perfect first start towards home automation. Click the image above to play the video all about this new thermostat.